Open House Forms
Capture, qualify, and follow up with leads.
All in one Lead capture, qualify and nurture tool.
Give your attendees an easy way to register on their own device by scanning a QR code.
Qualify leads by asking simple questions. Allowing you to focus your time on your ideal clients.
Send follow-up text messages, emails, and surveys to nurture qualified leads.
Create a winning lead
capture & follow up workflow.
Streamline your workflow
Easily generate QR codes for open house sign-ins! With Brokerloop, you can create a short questionnaire to qualify leads and have attendees use their own devices to submit answers while they tour the property. All leads are automatically saved to the Brokerloop CRM, giving you the ability to follow-up with qualified leads through texts, emails, and surveys. Streamline your open house process and start generating valuable leads with Brokerloop. Try it out today!
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Audio / Video Rooms
Create audio / video rooms to connect with your group members. Simple scheduling, screen sharing and recording tools, helps you engage with your community. Members can easily join discussions, participate in panels, and connect with other industry experts and colleagues.
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A Range of moderation tools to help you manage your groups. With our moderation tools, you can easily control who can participate in your groups. Our Invite system and user reporting, ensure that your groups remain a safe and welcoming space for all users. Moderation tools can help you maintain a professional and respectful environment for all your team communication and collaboration.
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