How It Works

Brokerloop is an integrated suite of tools for real estate brokerages & agents.
Create email marketing, print campaigns, social ads and landing pages all in one place,
gives you consistent branding across all channels.

For Agents

Let us help you become the awesome marketer you were destined to be. Brokerloop's integrated suite of tools can help you change the way you work. Brokerloop helps you easily create professional Email Marketing, Print campaigns, Social Ads and Landing pages.

 Great for individual agents
 Upload unlimited contacts & create unlimited lists.
 Create printable show sheets
 Create printable postcards
 Discount on print orders with active pro subscription
 Auto generate landing pages for your listings

For Teams

Brokerloop suite of tools for your entire team. Plus the tools you need to manage your entire team. Keep everyone in the loop, no matter where they are.

 Everything fromAgent accounts, plus:
 Great for small teams 2 to 8 members.
 Create & send unlimited email campaigns for each team member.
 Upload unlimited contacts & create unlimited lists.
 Share email contact lists with team members.
 Create printable show sheets & postcards.
 Discount on print orders.
 Auto generate landing pages for your listings.
 Create email & print templates to share with team members.
 Centrally manage your entire team with an admin account.
 We'll train you how to build templates in-house with the Brokerloop template builder.

For Entire Brokerage

Enterprise software built for real estate brokerages. Unlimited resources for any size. Admin tools such as Multi-user, Multi-office management and template building. Your email marketing, print campaigns and social ads are all in one place, which means consistent branding across all marketing channels.

 Excellent for entire company
 Create & send unlimited email campaigns for each user.
 Upload unlimited contacts & create unlimited lists for each user.
 Share email contact lists with groups or companywide.
 Create printable show sheets.
 Create printable postcards and direct mail campaigns.
 Auto generate landing pages for all listings.
 Create templates and share with single users, groups or companywide.
 Centrally manage your entire domain with advanced admin accounts.
 We'll train you how to build templates in-house with the Brokerloop template builder.
 Our tech, your brand. Promote your brand with our White label solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brokerloop?
Brokerloop is marketing platform that helps real estate agents and brokerages create marketing collateral for multiple channels.
Are there any requirements?
There is nothing to install and you don't need any technical know-how to get started using Brokerloop. You just have to be an real estate broker or agent.
How do I sign up?
Click the Sign Up Free button at the top of this page. Then use your company email address to sign up. If you are having trouble signing up, contact us.
Is there a trial period?
No trial period. You can sign up for free, to get familiar with Brokerloop with the Starter plan. Upgrade to Pro account when you are ready.
Do I need to add my credit card to start?
Nope. It's free to sign up. Only when you want to upgrade your account you will need to enter your credit card.
Can I change plans any time?
Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade from Starter to Pro and vice versa by managing your subscription from your account settings.
Do you offer special pricing for entire brokerages?
Yes. Contact us today.
What can I white-label?
Our entire system from the dashboard, templates, and landing pages can be white labeled to match your brand. White-label solution is only available for enterprise accounts.
What type of templates can be built?
With Admin Tools, you can build email, print and social ad templates. Also we can assist in building custom landing pages.
Can I integrate Brokerloop with my existing system?
In most cases yes. Contact us so we can review your current set up.
What kind of support does Brokerloop provide?
We offer fast email support to paid accounts. Priority phone and email support is available for enterprise accounts.
What is a "User"?
A user is someone who has individual login credentials to access Brokerloop.