“We started Brokerloop to empower real estate brokerages and agents everywhere with better marketing tools.”
Our Story
The story began in 2001, when Abdul Ramirez worked at a mid-sized Manhattan-based real estate firm and experienced first-hand the need for better marketing tools for real estate brokerages and agents. He decided to start a company called Digit tec which provided photography, floor plans and email marketing.

Over the next few years, Abdul established relationships with the top real estate brokers and agents in New York City. Building a solid network, he saw a need for software products in the real estate space. In 2011 he met Alex Soncodi, who knew that the key to growth and scalability was through business process automation. The two started on their journey to create enterprise software specifically for the real estate industry. Alex began laying the foundation upon which the SaaS platform would be built — Brokerloop was born.

Starting with email marketing, Brokerloop broadened its offering to Print, CRM, listing and syndication system, and custom websites and landing pages. Every product offering is built by leveraging Alex's background in enterprise development and Abdul's knowledge and experience in the real estate industry.

Fast-forward to today, you can find the pair staying true to their mission: to build a comprehensive enterprise marketing solution for the real estate industry.
Meet the people behind the vision
Abdul Ramirez
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Abdul leads Brokerloop's vision for the future, and business strategy. Working with his co-founder Alex Soncodi, Abdul drives Brokerloop's mission to empower real estate brokerages and agents with better marketing tools.

Before founding Brokerloop, Abdul worked at an midsize New York City real estate firm where he was the Director of Information Technology, which many star agents moved on to start successful brokerages of their own. Working closely with the brand and real estate agents he developed a strong passion for real estate.

In 2001, Abdul founded Digit Tec, a startup serving real estate brokerages and agents with 360 degree panorama photography, floor plans and email marketing. In 2011, he co-founded Brokerloop in the prop tech sector to provide an enterprise marketing platform for real estate brokerages.

Entrepreneur. Strategist. Sports Junkie. Abdul is passionate about all aspects of technology. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, poker, watching sports and working out.
Alex Soncodi
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer
Alex is a developer with a passion for software architecture and code craftsmanship. He was drawn to engineering early on and soon saw the level of scalability afforded by business and infrastructure automation. In 2011, he co-founded Brokerloop in the prop tech space to help bring efficiency to the Enterprise real estate market.

At Brokerloop, Alex leads product architecture and development. He translates customer needs and business workflows into concrete implementation, and ideates the long-term roadmap to include emerging technologies.

In his spare time, Alex hosts developer meetups, attends security conferences, and contributes to open source projects. He is a life-long tinkerer with interests including programming language theory, machine learning, IoT, and crypto-currencies.

When not in front of a computer, Alex enjoys playing pool competitively, snowboarding, hiking, and exploring new blends and cuisines in coffee shops and restaurants around the world.