Your App. Your Brand. Now Mobile.
Have us launch your app on iTunes and Google play app stores with our complete enterprise mobile marketing solution. Brokerloop is fast, easy, and affordable. Contact Us Today!
Smartphone and Tablet
Brokerloop provides a full turn-key solution. We will launch your branded app on iPhone and Android smartphones as well as iPad and Android tablets.
Your Inventory
Market yourself and put your brand first. Provide your customers a way to search your entire inventory from their mobile devices, from anywhere.
Search Filters
Your consumers will be able to search your inventory by setting search filters such as Sale, Rental, Size, Price, Open Houses etc.. to quickly discover their perfect home.
Lead Generation
Receive notifications to immediately respond to every lead quickly. Instantly connect and build a relationship with potential customers who interact with your app.
Effective Marketing Campaigns
Promote your listings using the most powerful marketing tool: EMAIL!
Our platform allows you to have unlimited mailing lists, powerful statistics, and recurring scheduling.
Branded Templates
We work with you to enforce your brand and build custom templates to match your marketing style. Our template editor makes it easier than ever to manage and update content.
Auto Create
Have all your campaigns created automatically. We sync with your listing database. Never spend time creating a campaign from scratch again. Click the video to see it in action.
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Real-time Analytics
Brokerloop provides deep analytics that really matter. Track opens, clicks, bounces and more. A/B test campaigns to see what works.
Unlimited Lists
Create unlimited mailing lists. Easily import your email contacts. We do all the heavy-lifting; duplicates, unsubscribes, and email bounces are automatically handled for you.
Social Media Made Easy
Increase the power of your campaigns by combining email marketing and social media.

Publishing couldn't be easier. Take your campaigns beyond the inbox. Send to Brokerloop, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all from a single dashboard to maximize your reach.
The Modern Way to Collaborate
Keep everyone in the loop. Brokerloop provides a private professional network for your whole company.
Profile / Portfolio
Brokerloop allows you to organize and share your listings in a virtual social portfolio. You can browse portfolios created by other agents to discover hot properties.
Company Stream
Create an information network for your whole company to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. This is a private network reserved for your company.
Network with Everyone
Send direct messages to connect with agents from different brokerages. Grow your referral network and collaborate on deals.
Multi-User Management
Have many offices and many agents? Manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, designed with Enterprise scale in mind.

Manage all your users, add new ones, and remove old employees. Integrate Brokerloop with your company to enable instant campaign creation. Make access instant, seamless, and secure for employees.
Take Brokerloop With You Everywhere You Go
Stay connected with what is going on at work, even when you are on the move.
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Capture Leads
Host your open house in style! Collect emails from your attendees to grow your subscriber list. Forget the pen-and-paper signups; when someone signs in to your open house they automatically receive your listing.
Stay Connected
Stay in the loop. Know about the hottest listings, price updates, upcoming open houses and events. Connect with industry peers in real-time.
Access Your Portfolio
Your Portfolio is always at your fingertips. Meeting a potential customer? Send them your listing, show them the floor plan and get the discussion going.
Coming Soon
Edit Campaigns On The Go
Edit your listings and newsletters from anywhere. Add photos, switch templates, and edit text on the fly.
Send Everywhere, From Anywhere
Engage your audience by publishing to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Email from your mobile device.